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The Architectural Process: A "Nutshell" Point of View

The Architectural Process consists of Five Phases:

Phase 1: Gathering information, ideas, explorations and budget concerns. This phase
ends with a client’s decision to move forward with the project.

Phase 2: Programing, or definition of the project. This is where the client and the architect discuss specific project requirements that must be included in the design and contained within the approved budget. Hard decisions may also be necessary in this phase; sometimes client expectations and affordability clash against each other, potentially forcing tweaks to the project scope, project size or budget.

Phase 3: Design. During this phase the architect prepares schematic design concepts and renderings which will eventually develop into the full construction documents, or the true
“nuts and bolts”  technical information translated on paper. The construction budget is finalized and compared to the final drawings until the proper balance between “wants and needs” is achieved. This information relays to the local building code agency and general contractor all the pertinent building information in regards to code compliance and constructability of the project.

Phase 4: Actual Construction. At this phase, a building permit has been issued, a general contractor has been selected and construction starts. The general contractor will be the most active team member and will be in communication with the client to keep up to date project construction process. Unfortunately this is also the phase of the highest stress for the client. Keeping an open line of communication between the general contractor and the architect can aide in reducing some stress by ensuring that any unforeseen conditions or change orders are verified and checked for proper related fee charges and code compliance. The architect can provide these additional services, known as “Construction Administration” and “Construction Management “services. In many instances, the comparatively small additional fee for these services far outweighs the amount of stress endured by the client; it is definitely worth discussing these potential benefits with your architect.  

Phase 5: The Final Product - Ready to move in. At this stage the building is completed and every area has been inspected to make sure it meets the client’s expectations. Your architect can help in assessing the final product quality and workmanship and that the terms of your contract with the general contractor have been met. Your satisfaction with you project is the most important goal the architect strives for during the entire process and it is the key to success for all the team members involved.

Yezzi Associates offers the following services.


Feasibility Studies
Facility Needs Assessments
OEM Assessments
Code Review
ADA Compliance Survey, Recommendations and Implementation
Contract Preparation
Barrier Free Design
Pre-Design and Design Services
Renderings / Animations
Coordinator of MEP/Structural/Civil
As Related to the Building Envelope
Preparation of Construction Documents
Specification Services
Bidding / Negotiation Services
Construction Observation / Progress Reports


Research and investigation of various energy conservation methods and recommendations

Interior Design

Space Planning
Interior Finish
Furniture Specification

Construction | Administration | Management

Field Observations & Reports
Scoping of Project
Project Schedules
Shop Drawing Review
Change Order Evaluation
Payment Review Authorization
Close-Out Documentation

Call us to set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss any questions you may have; one of our staff architects will be more than happy to assist you in realizing your project, from concept and ideas to completed construction.